Disney World Character Autographs

Character Autographs- DonaldGetting Disney World character autographs and taking your picture with Disney characters has become an integral part of every Disney World vacation.

Finding the Characters

  • Visit the KennythePirate.com blog

    Kenny keeps comprehensive and current information on all the character greetings at Disney World.

  • Times Guide

    Pick up a Times Guide at each park to find out where and when to find characters.

  • Tip Board

    Near the front of each park there is a Tip Board which lists the current wait times for each ride. It may also include information on character autographs.

  • Ask a Cast Member

    When in doubt just ask a Cast Member where to find the character for which you are looking

  • Be Prepared to Drop Everything

    So you just finished deciding on a game plan and you are heading off to your next adventure. Then you pass a Character Greeting. Be ready to quickly change plans to stand in line for that autograph.

  • How it Works

  • Character Handlers

    Each character is accompanied by at least one Cast Member handler. Their job is to keep the line orderly, help the character to interact with the guest, and keep an eye on the time to make sure the characters do not overheat in their costumes.

  • Character Queue

    Each character location will have a defined, orderly line in which to stand. You do not have to worry about your small child being overlooked or pushed out of the way by overzealous kids (or their parents).

  • Be Ready

    While you are in line the handlers will be constantly reminding you to have your autograph books and pens ready to go and have your camera ready. This makes the line move smoothly and quickly.

  • PhotoPass Photos

    Most of the time a PhotoPass photographer will be there to take pictures of your child. When it is your turn, hand the photographer your PhotoPass card or ask for one if you do not have a card.

  • Hug, Autograph, Picture

    When it is your turn, let your child go up to interact with the character while you hold their autograph book and pen. Then hand the character the pen and the autograph book opened to the page you want signed. After they have signed the book, take it back from the character. Then your child will pose for the “formal” character picture.

  • Appearing for a Limited Time

    Characters are only allowed to be outside for a limited amount of time. As you can imagine, it is horribly hot for a person to be dressed in a costume that covers you from head to toe. This means that the characters you see when you enter the line may not be the ones that are there when it is your turn. A good Character Handler will let you know if the characters will change before it is your turn. The Handler will close the line when it is nearing time for all the characters to leave, but everyone in line at that point will have a chance to see the characters.

  • Character Tips

  • Character Signatures

    Some characters actually sign their name, but others use a stamp because the costume prevents them from using their fingers.

  • Use a Fat Pen

    A lot of characters are in costumes that include gloves. They need a nice fat pen that they can grip easy. We always use the Super Sharpie markers.

  • Be Creative

    Instead of an autograph book, have the characters sign a baseball cap, shirt, or pillow case. Characters WILL NOT sign anything that you are wearing on your body or your body itself.

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