Doc McStuffins Doc Mobile Tour

JUNE 2014: Please see our post Will there be a 2014 Doc McStuffins Tour? to learn where you can see Doc McStuffins in 2014.


Update 9/1/2013: Read our review of the Doc McStuffins stop in San Antonio on 8/31 and look at all our Doc McStuffins pictures.
Update 8/27: Doc McStuffins will appear in person at all remaining mobile tour locations
The Doc McStuffins Doc Mobile Tour kicked off today in Boston and will travel through the US until the end of September. The Doc Mobile is a a 27-foot Airstream trailer custom-made to reach children age 2-7. Kids will have the chance to perform a check-up on their own toys plus participate in other age-appropriate health and wellness activities.
Doc McStuffins Brontosaurus Breath
Doc McStuffins is the Disney Junior acclaimed animated series about a young girl, and would be doctor, who models compassion and good health as she cares for her sick stuffed animals and toys.
Doc McStuffins Doc and Bronty Picture on #docmcstuffins #bronty #docmobile
You are invited to follow the Doc McStuffins Doc Mobile Clinic tour on the Disney Junior Facebook Page and on Twitter at @DisneyJuniorUSA, #DocMobile.

Doc McStuffins Doc Mobile Tour

Events are scheduled from 10:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. For schedule updates please visit We will be attending the tour in San Antonio, and would love to meet up with anyone who will be there too!

Sunday, August 18
Boston, Massachusetts

Franklin Park Zoo

Wednesday, August 21
New York, New York
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Time Square Disney Store

Sunday, August 25
Chicago, Illinois

Navy Pier Gateway Park

Saturday, August 31 & Sunday, September 1
San Antonio,Texas
9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Festival PEOPLE EN ESPANOL – Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

Friday, September 6
Dallas/Fort-Worth, Texas

Fort Worth Museum of Science

Tuesday, September 10
New Orleans, Louisiana

Audubon Zoo

Saturday, September 14
Atlanta, Georgia

Centennial Olympic Park

Tuesday, September 17
Washington D.C.


Thursday, September 26
Los Angeles, California

The Grove

Saturday, September 28
Phoenix, Arizona
7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Arizona Coalition for Tomorrow Kids Health Fair – Salvation Army Community Center


  1. says

    Question? I am desperately trying to find a contact for the tour organizers of the Doc Mc Stuffins Tour. Alonzo Mourning – Hall of Famer from the Miami Heat is having a Family Health and Wellness Day for Zo’s Winter Groove and would like to invite the DMTour to participate. Do you know or have a contact that we may reach out to? The event is on Saturday, December 27, 2015 in Miramar, Florida.

  2. Marisol says

    Hello my little girl is a HUGE AMAZING Doc Mcstuffins fan and she wishes so much to see her in person at her Mobile Clinic, I would really appreciate any info you have as to when and if DisneyJr will do a Doc Mcstuffins meet and greet and Mobile Clinic Event in Northern California preferably near the Sonoma County area. Pls Pls let me know THANK YOU A BUNCHES :-)

    • says

      I got in touch with my Disney Junior contact, and she said there are no plans for Doc McStuffins to go on tour again. Right now the only place to meet her is at the Hollywood and Vine restaurant at Hollywood Studios in Disney World.

      I’m sorry, I know many people would love for the Doc to go on tour again.

  3. sara provencher says

    Had there been any news about mcstuffins tour for 2014 in the usa? I saw they are in UK but did not know if they will be returning in usa.

  4. tilia sanchez says

    Hi’ does anyone know where/how I can get a schedule for 2014?? I have searched and searched the web and nothing. Thanks.

    • says

      Unfortunately there are no plans for Doc McStuffins to do another tour. Right now the only place to meet her is at the Hollywood & Vine restaurant at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Disney World.

  5. T.D. says

    I would love to know if a decision has been made yet on whether or not to re-schedule the D.C. stop on Doc’s Tour that had to be missed by some of her major fans. Is there a real answer out there? My daughter is still inquiring and I’d love to be able to finally provide her with an answer. Thanks

    • says

      I’m sorry Tiana, but Doc McStuffins doesn’t have any appearances planned for Hollywood. Right now the only place you can meet her is at the Hollywood and Vine restaurant in Disney Worlds Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida.

  6. tracy says

    i understand that the doc is no longer on tour but i have a 5 year old fan that wakes up and goes to sleep watching doc mcstuffins i would like to know are there future plans of the doc ever coming to st.louis,mo

  7. Ebony carter says

    Omg my daughter is a BIG Doc McStuffins fan!!! She wake up and go to sleep watching doc… Are you guys planning on coming to Chicago il anytime soon? I will love love love to have the mc mobile at her 2nd birthday party in May of 2014 and will pay anything to see her face glow seeing her idol.

  8. Marlaina Traut says

    I know the tour is over (?) i was wondering since the DC location was cancelled, if you were ever going to reschedule it?
    Thank you.

  9. Raquel says

    Hello I think its great that doc mcstuffins is or was on tour . I hope that they come to Albuquerque New Mexico my daughter is a big fan and really would love to meet Doc…

  10. tracie neeley says

    We were just wondering if the doc has any future tours that will include SLC, Utah. This state is definitely high in population of children (LOL) and we think it would be an amazing tour with a guaranteed large turnout. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • says

      Tracie at this time Disney hasn’t announced any additional dates for the Doc McStuffins Mobile tour. I am letting Disney Junior know about all the sites that are interested in having the Doc come for a visit. If I learn of any new tour dates I will let you know.

    • Tracy says

      When you contact Disney can you tell them they have a huge fan base in Birmingham Alabama and our little ones would love to see Doc live and in person Tanks!

  11. karla says

    I went to the doc. at Atlanta Ga. we are from Anderson SC we drove 2 and 1/2 hrs. to get there, we where there at 11 and couldn’t get in line till 5pm according to the wrist bands, when we got in line doc had all ready left and they where rushing us thru the doc. mobile. word of advice get there early! extremely upset with them.

  12. says

    I’m having a Doc McStuffins themed birthday party for my daughter’s 3rd birthday in December and I’d love to arrange a visit from the Doc McStuffins Mobile. How do I contact someone to suggest a visit to Charlotte, NC?

  13. says

    I’m trying to contact someone in regards to getting the Doc McStuffin mobile tour unit to come to the Pasadena Strawberry Festival in May 16-18, 2014, we have a huge children’s area , with about 10,000 children visiting the children’s area, last years attendance was 56,000 for the festival, we are 40 years old. So we are well established and have a great following with lots of history. please help me with contact info to inquire about the tour coming to the festival.
    thanks for your time
    Bert Muston
    Executive Director
    Pasadena Strawberry Festival

    • says

      Hi Bert! I sent your info on to my Disney contact. I hope you hear back from her, The Strawberry Festival sounds like lots of fun. BTW- I stripped the phone & e-mail out of your comment so you wouldn’t end up getting spam.

  14. Melissa says

    I was wondering if there will be any future dates in Massachusetts. I missed the other one and i was hoping to bring my son he loves her. is the age strictly 2-4? He is 14 months

  15. gina says

    Any other info on the San Antonio event? I went to the “People en Español Festival” website, to get a better idea of the schedule. The entire website is in Spanish, so I wasn’t really able to find anything else out. (I am sure I will get slammed for saying that, no other way really to say it though, even though I am not trying to be negative at all. I just can’t find anything on there that I understand!) That being said, I didn’t really see anything at all mentioning Doc McStuffins. Any other insight you can provide will be appreciated. I would just hate to drag the kids out in this heat, deal with the crowds, and end up being in totally the wrong place! :) THANKS!

      • says

        You did better than me! I never found the translation button. I do know that it is an outdoor event and at the convention center near the river walk. My guess is that you will be able to see it when you are driving.

        I will be there first thing Saturday morning. My daughter and I will have on bright yellow t-shirts with TheDisneyKids website address on them. Say hi if you see us!

    • says

      Same thing happened to me! I plan to be there when it opens at 9:30 in order to avoid as much heat (and crowds) as possible. I’m thinking Sunday would be less crowded since things at the mall and the Riverwalk don’t open until closer to noon. However, I’m still going on Saturday, so I can get my blog post up ASAP.

      • Betty says

        Is that festival going to have a fee. I know there is a $30 fee for the concerts at night but what about the day event? I’m starting to think maybe I should go on Sunday instead.

      • Betty says

        Disregard. I saw the event is free. Saturday seems like it will be more fun. See you there!

      • says

        I hope to see you there Betty! My daughter and I will be in bright yellow shirts with on the back. We plan to be there when it starts at 9:30.

  16. Julie says

    I understand that the tour cannot go to every town in every state but we just went to see Disney Junior Live Priate and Princess Adventure and it was sold out and they added another show at the last minute. It started with a 15 minute Doc McStuffin act that was GREAT! I would think that with this show being so popular in this area they would put the Raleigh/Durhm, North Carolina area in their schedule. Just saying.

  17. Maggie says

    Went to see Doc McStuffins in NYC with 4 year old granddaughter… What a disaster. Doc character was on a 2 hour break. The wait was over 3 hours after she returns and the temperature was over 90. Could not tell where line ended. There were several lines .. needed some kind of structure. Not well thought out at all. Such a same. We had to leave that mess.

  18. Sinai says

    What are the times that the doc mcstuffins mobile will be at Atlanta Cenntinal park? There is no time listed above.

  19. Dan says

    Doc herself will only be appearing in DC, NY, San Antonio & LA according to a number of Mommy Bloggers. Wish we’d read those before going to “meet Doc” in Boston. Disney is very circumspect about the cities in which Doc will appear. They dance around with “select” cities. You know what city they didn’t select? Boston – the only city in which people had to pay to see Doc. If you are in one of the cities where Doc is not appearing, do not wait on a long line. It’s worth a 20 minute wait, but most people waited 2+ hours in Boston to engage in activities that most Doc fans do every day at home…

    • Dan says

      Don’t be bummed… You didn’t miss anything but a HUGELY long line and a bunch of activities your kids probably do at home if they are Doc fans. It was REALLY disappointing. No Doc appearance. Disney chose NY, DC, LA and San Antonio for Doc appearances, but make that clear NO WHERE on their sites.

    • Dan says

      Unless the four hours gets you to DC, NY, LA or San Antonio, don’t go. No Doc in Boston. We got LONG lines and pretty weak activities – activities my daughter pretty much does every day at home because she is such a huge doc fan. This was disappointing to be generous…

    • Dan says

      Yours is the pretty much the only positive comment I’ve seen about the event, beyond a Mommy Blogger who skipped the line with a media pass. The event was not worth a 2+ hour wait. And my family was not among those who arrived last minute. We were on line at 10:40… 10 minutes after the event kicked off… I saw one dad rant about having to pay $56 to get in because his family are not zoo members. They waited 3 hours to get no Doc… And no where was it clear on Disney’s sites that Doc wouldn’t be attending the only event at which people had to pay.

      • says

        I haven’t attended yet, so all info is from the press release. I plan on going to the event in San Antonio. I appreciate the info on which sites will have an actual appearance by the Doc. That is important for families to know before spending the time to travel. I agree that as the only event with an admission fee that the Doc should have been there.


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